UEAtc Statement with regards to the situation in Ukraine.

As a Paneuropean organisation, UEAtc brings together technical assessment bodies on a purely voluntary basis, to support technical harmonisation for the benefit of the construction sector.

Ukraine is a respected member.

UEAtc demonstrates how peoples and countries have come together, to work for peace and prosperity, aiming at mutual understanding and tolerance across borders, while at the same time being enriched by the many different cultures, traditions, and languages of the European continent.

We have welcomed NIISK, the State Research Institute of Building Constructions, in a spirit of openness and by enlarging the consensus area to meet the new challenges as energy performance improvement and sustainability together to preserve our planet and our civilisation.

Within this vision, war has no place and the aggression and human suffering that we witness in Ukraine can never be acceptable and are completely incompatible with all the values we stand for, such as the fundamental principles of freedom, democracy, and self-determination.

The UEAtc stands in solidarity and our thoughts are with our Ukrainian colleagues and friends from NIISK, the National Approval Body of the Ukraine, and with all Ukrainian people. War stands for failure, not for authority.

Benny De Blaere, President of UEAtc
Eric Winnepenninckx, Secretary-general.